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Coming Time

Great mind usually takes you far...

From 2017, we will open some new fields, we will also have our new star product.

We want to build one new internet supermarket for all the real estate suppliers both in China and abroad.

We want to be a listed company, provide our service to each country, lead each family to an innovation.

Innovation Time

From the year 2014 to now, we found a big storm had come. Any company without internet store will die, so we opend our Alibaba website: showers.en.alibaba.com. We must spend much time on it and also we need more innovation ideas.

We have done two big things, one is that we adopted one new vacuum packing machine called SHORTEN HEAT BREEZE CIRCLE MECHANISM, the goods can be well protected from water ,rain or other bad condition, especially suitable for supermarket customer, after you tear up the outer vacuum package, the product looks new born product. The other is we have our own tempered glass production line, which means you can buy glass directly from us, that’s really a good news and a big progress.

Booming Time

From the year 2013 to 2014, besides shower enclosure, we introduced some new products including shower cabin, bathtub and steam generator. We also attended Canton Fair and USA exhibition to show our product, good news came in time, customers wanted to cooperate with us. We found partners who can produce new material shower tray like SMC and Acrylic, we always want to give our customers new ideas and new products.

Star Product Time

From the year 2012 to 2013, our general manager Mr. Gavin Hsu spent most of his time on researching shower enclosure, finally we had one star product. Just like the picture show, it was a simple sliding shower room with double top and down rollers. The biggest advantage was its high quality and good price, you just need pay USD$60 for one whole set. Each customer asked for it, we sold it very well. But at that time, we only had ABS shower tray.

Individual Workshop Time

Founded in 2012, our company is just a small workshop, no modern machine, no professional staff, no spacious factory. People work together just because of the same dream, everyone believes that people want to take high quality and good design shower room home and around.